Thematic Areas


Governance and Rule of Law

  • Support in constitution refinement and implementation process and procedures for gender issues and concerns
  • Strengthening the rule of law and human rights protection system
  • Programming for empowerment and leadership development of women
  • Build network and social alliance to ensure the rights of women
  • Advocacy for women friendly laws and programming at all levels
  • Enhancing women’s political socialization

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

  • Advocacy for identity, equality and rights of women
  • Enhancing power, resources and decision-making processes for women
  • Advocacy and lobby for meaningful participation of women at all levels
  • Develop special campaigns and programs for the women and girls
  • Advocate and work to prevent and stop trafficking of women and girls

Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Response and Livelihood Support

  • Enhancing women’s ability to their safety and security from natural disasters
  • Improving understanding of gender concerns and needs in disaster risk reduction
  • Advocate for gender sensitive disaster/emergency response, recovery and reconstruction programming
  • Advocate and lobby for the integration of gender perspectives into disaster risk reduction legislation, policies and programs
  • Work for the improvement of livelihoods of earthquake/disaster affected women

Economic Empowerment of Women

  • Advocate for the economic empowerment of women and girls
  • Increase women’s access to the assets and resources that enhance women’s livelihoods
  • Enhance the capacity of women and girls on economic opportunities
  • Advocate and work to improve the livelihoods of women

Research and Publication

  • Conduct studies and researches on various aspects of women empowerment and gender equality
  • Conduct assessment of acts, laws, policies, programs and gaps related to women and girls