Identity, dignity and equality of Nepalese women and girls.


Our Mission

Our mission is to attain gender-equality in Nepali society, to which end we focus our efforts on promoting the social, educational, economical, and political development of Nepalese women, including advocating for women’s rights, eliminating discrimination against women including GBV, advancing women’s capacities and leadership skills, and amplifying their voices for peace and development at the national level. 


Our Goal

With the skills, support and opportunities, women are empowered, live in dignity and become leaders and change-makers in their societies and nation.


  • Advocate on women´s rights and gender equality
  • Ensure political, social, cultural, educational, economic and customary rights of women through advocacy
  • Prevent women and girls trafficking through education, economic empowerment and awareness programs
  • Aware public on the rights of women and the means of enforcing such rights for the achievement of equality, development and peace
  • Support women to access quality services that ensure their human rights
  • Collaborate and work with national and international NGO’s and agencies by networking and co-aligning for the welfare and development of women and girls
  • Engage and involve private sector for gender equality
  • Influence legislation with a view to enhancing constitutional rights of women
  • Observe, monitor, and analyze policies, legislation and budgets with the aim of gender mainstreaming